Known as “Enoturismo” in Spanish and “Œnotourisme” in French, enotourism is, at its core, tourism focused on wine. Where other forms of tourism may be sitting at the beach, wandering amongst medieval ruins, or working for an NGO in another country, enotourism is all about enjoying the wine of a region and the people that make it.

This blog is here to give you, the loyal reader, all the latest wine and food adventures from the authors of Vinologue as we set about the world, researching regions for our enotourism guides… or just simply enjoying a glass of wine at home in Barcelona or elsewhere.

We have training and a wealth of experience in both journalism and wine, and we love traveling to discover people and places through their wine and food. We’ve extensively traveled (and tasted) from 30 distinct wine regions in 15 different countries on four continents, in both hemispheres of the globe.

So, take a seat, top off your glass, and enjoy the wine adventure with us. Cheers!