In the interest of full transparency, following are the disclosures of any author who writes regularly on Wine in VI. Please note that this website itself earns no income for those who participate and is published only in the interest of wanting to write about wine.

Miquel Hudin

I am the owner of both Vinologue & Wine on VI. While I hold a degree in English Literature, my main source of income while living in San Francisco was web development and wine journalism was a hobby. This changed in 2012 to work full-time as a wine journalist when I moved to Catalunya to be based nearer to Old World wine regions.

The majority of my writing income comes from various articles I publish at irregular intervals for magazines such as World of Fine Wine and Decanter. Additionally, I am paid to write sporadic articles for wine importers in the US such as Blue Danube Wine as well as for other groups such as the Guild of Sommeliers.

I am an active wine judge, but contrary to what some believe, this is a not a profitable endeavor and at best, you break even on expenses of arrival, lodging and food. Thus, no actual income is derived from this activity which is the same for 99% of the people who participate in judging wines.

Via publishing the Vinologue books, I earn a small profit from sales of the series which is promptly invested back in to publishing new titles. I also earn additional money from doing very limited, private wine tours, as well as English translation work for various wineries, the majority of which being for Espelt. But please note that I collect no salary from any winery or regional wine body.

Wine Samples: I will accept wine samples, but the vast majority of wines reviewed on this site I’ve either paid for or have tasted at larger events such as fairs or professional tastings.

Travel Policy: The vast majority of wine trips, I have and will continue to pay for out of pocket. I will accept invitations to a limited amount of press trips (to date, about four) and I will always write about them afterwards whether for one of the print publications I contribute to or on this site. Please note I reserve the right to be independent and approach anywhere I visit objectively and write about it as such.