Building a wine & the art of the blend21-02-2017

There are those that say winemaking is an art, but in truth, making the wine is a relatively simplistic process as it just comes down to letting grape juice ferment. Sure, there are many more... more>

Elisabetta Foradori: Fontanasanta Nosiola 2014 & Sgarzon 201315-02-2017

For some time I’ve been quite intrigued to taste the wines of Elisabetta Foradori. Cast up against the Dolomites, in that most curious of Italian wine regions, Trentino-Alto Adige, Elisabetta has been making wines from... more>

A book review of “Cork Dork” by Bianca Bosker13-02-2017

For some time I’ve been reading articles written by Bianca Bosker about certain aspects of the wine world. While positing topics that have no end of potential (such as “Is there a better way to... more>

The best of Catalan white wines07-02-2017

Last fall, I received a commission from Decanter to do a report on the white wines of Catalonia for the March issue. As things work in the world of print, you submit the article in... more>

The white wines of Terra Alta

Terra Alta is a region that I’ve been tasting regularly for nearly a decade and the changes they’ve been making are impressive. This really all came to head with the election of a DO president... more>

The white wines of Penedès

A logical starting point in any article about Catalan white wines is DO Penedès. They are by far the largest wine producing region in Catalonia and 80% of what they produce is in the form... more>

Renaming English Sparkling Wine02-02-2017

As of late there has been a bit of circulation in the wine trade about “English Sparkling Wine“, well, the name anyways. It’s a name that seems has been come about to as a compromise... more>

Sangenís i Vaqué – Lo Bancal de Granatxa 201531-01-2017

Across the square from my home sits the family winery of Sangenís i Vaqué. It was founded by Pere Sangenís and his wife, Conxita Vaqué, who have run it for years, thus the quite reasonable... more>

All the bubbly fit to drink26-01-2017

The clouds part when the middle of January presents itself. This is of course only in the figurative sense as literally, the weather is quite squalid, but this moment of clarity is due to reaching... more>

Château Bourgneuf – Pomerol 201023-01-2017

As most of us are a bit light in the wallet to indulge in Château Pétrus regularly (yowza), we must search about for other bottles from AOC Pomerol in Bordeaux that attempt to reach for... more>