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Fanagoria – Cru Lermont Pinot Noir 201510-08-2017

Russia and wine are not two words oft spoken in the same breath. So while judging at the Decanter Awards in April, in a seriously mixed and exotic flight, my table found themselves presented with... more>

A tale of two New Zealand Pinot Noirs08-01-2017

The wines of New Zealand are probably well-known via different ways depending upon where you are in the world. For instance, when living the US, everyone knew of the Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc, but few knew... more>

Burgundy 201628-11-2016

When in Burgundy in March for Grands Jour, it was happier times. The winemakers had come off of the very good and excellent vintages of 2014 and 2015–something generally unheard of in this exalted, yet... more>

WTF? Vaso Ramazashvili – Pinot Noir 201507-10-2016

When I was browsing around the offer at 8,000 Vintages, I stumbled across this wine which is a Pinot Noir. For those who aren’t up on your Saperavi, Khikhvi, and Rkatsiteli, Pinot Noir is not... more>

Never mind the grapes, here’s the yeast18-07-2016

It seems I have a never-ending treasure trove of articles from the ICCWS 2016 held in Brighton this past May. There was one session that was particularly interesting (well, maybe really) and it was about... more>
Photo by Julia Claxton

English still wines, on the other hand23-06-2016

Given that today is the so-called, “Brexit” vote, it’s probably only fitting to talk a bit more about the wines of England that I tasted during the ICCWS 2016 in Brighton. After all, if the... more>