A tasting in Croatia of Garnacha, Garnatxa, & Grenache18-03-2017

We’ve arrived to a day and age wherein I don’t understand how someone can’t appreciate Grenache–if not love it. Sure, there are people who are going to only like white wines, or wines with a... more>

Bodega Otazu’s Vitral, the 2,000€ ruse24-02-2017

A few days ago, word came down that there is a new, ultra-premium-priced wine from Spain, the Bodega Otazu – Vitral 2013. Undeterred by the idea of a mere 1,000€ for Pingus or l’Ermita, they’ve... more>

Bodegas Roda – Sela 201301-12-2016

Rioja is a place that continuously confuses me. It’s easy to hate on it simply because there are so many cheap wines produced from under its DOC mark–that extra ‘C’ meaning Calidad or Quality. Unfortunately... more>

A missed point on sweet Sherry11-10-2016

I was quite stoked when I saw this headline as I thought the author of the article was going to bring up the point that, as one of the driving markets for sweet and blended... more>

The Grapes of Spain28-09-2016

The grapes in the lead photo for this article are not ripening. They are in fact quite ripe as they’re the grape Xarel·lo that you find commonly in the Penedès region of Catalonia, Spain as... more>

Enough with Sherry & Grandma26-09-2016

It seems to have started at least a decade ago when someone introduced an article on Sherry by saying that people shouldn’t confuse it with that sweet drink that your grandmother would sip on. Others... more>

In The Glass: Uvas Veloces 201512-08-2016

Sometime back we’d posted about supporting the Uvas Veloces project on the Catalan version of Kickstarter, Verkami. We’re not sure if it was our mention or a general curiosity for people to taste this wine... more>

How to write wine tasting notes in Spanish, French, Catalan…03-08-2016

It’s probably the case that you’ve picked up a bottle of wine and looked at the back label to read more about it. There, various words have been strung together to describe the wine which... more>

Wine Folly’s “Spanish Wine Exploration” and lack of accuracy30-06-2016

“Wine Folly’s content is often inaccurate, exceedingly narrow, and horribly derivative.” states a reviewer name W. Hughes on Amazon. His review is for the Wine Folly book which I would have to agree with as... more>
Definitely a different take on the Burgundy bottle

Ribera del Guadiana & Pago Los Balancines – Mata Negra 201224-03-2016

This bottle was another random find at Lidl which is quickly becoming my go-to shop for playing “Wine Roulette”. To be embarrassingly honest, I thought it was a bottle from Ribera del Duero and while... more>